Merchandising Work:

The right work in the right place at the right time.

The definition of merchandising is the right product in the right place at the right time in the right quantities at the right price.

The definition of being an Independent Merchandising Contractor working with SPAR Business Services (SBS) is the right work in the right place at the right time to fit your lifestyle.

The right work.

Retail Merchandising offers the variety you want to keep you challenged and engaged. Some activities include:

New Item Cut-ins

Follow a Planogram to add new products to the right place in the right category.

Planogram Maintenance

Set-ups, resets and ongoing Planogram maintenance to assure consistent shelf presence and display activity.

Category Resets

Follow a Planogram to reset a store section; changing out old product for new, adjusting shelf heights and retagging.


Count products on the shelves and in the backroom, identify low on-hands and out-of-stocks, and process returns.

Price Checking

Execute price changes and mark-downs on specific SKUs and shelf labels.

Fixture Installation

Install and maintain store fixtures, endcaps, displays and gondolas.


Verify pricing, monitor data and validate store compliance with brand Planograms and Point Of Purchase (POP) materials.

Promotion Services

Build displays and set up and service POP materials, endcaps and promotional merchandising.

The right place at the right time.

Being an Independent Contractor working with SBS means enjoying a flexible environment. Most of the merchandising work performed for our clients is set around a client’s window of time rather than specific hours, allowing you to set your own schedule. You choose when and how much work you want.

Because SBS is nationwide, in almost every zip code in the country, you can work close to home, in stores you may now shop in or work at, and communities you know, building valuable relationships.